What is Elon Musk Thinking: Google Autopilot Cars and the Tesla Service Warranty

On April 26th 2013, Tesla Motors announced an amazingly generous Service warranty program. Quite arguably the best in the world. The valet service described is supposed to be seamless in your everyday life, without a noticeable difference in your daily routine. Simply picked up from your chosen location and swapped with a loaner car. Wow, now that is helpful!

"Tesla is putting in place a valet service, so that your car is seamlessly picked up and replaced with a loaner and then returned as soon as we are done. There is no additional charge for this."

As good as this Valet service sounds, it sounds like a lot of work for Tesla to swap cars. More recently in the news Elon was mentioned talking about Google's self-driving Car technology and Tesla building their own self driving vehicles. As great as this would be for Tesla Motors, added benefit would come from autopilot vehicles to help with the service warranty delivery door to door. Imagine, a autopilot vehicle arrives at your door, keys are swapped and the old one is towed away (if need be) or set on autopilot back to the nearest service station. This would be quite remarkable!

The service warranty program also gives a nice incentive to snap up some cheaper Tesla Model S vehicles! From the Blog we read:
"The Model S loaners will be available for immediate purchase at a price that is lower by 1 percent per month of age and $1 per mile."
Running the math on this, and making a few assumptions,  we find that 1 month of driving 25 miles/day results in a 1%+$750, or about $1,600 off each month.

Tesla wanted the charger to be like a Mac Laptop charger with the magnetic connectivity
Overall, Tesla exceeds consumers expectations with the service warranty, providing a top end quality product.

P.s. That Battery warranty looks pretty good also!

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