The Perfect Man for The Job: Armageddon

There is quite a bit of talk of Elon Musk being compared to the real life Iron Man. While I cannot disagree with the comparison, I think it's sureal to see such a hollywood character take shape. Recently their was a article in the news about an asteroid flyby in a very near path to planet earth. This asteroid was discovered in 1998 and the distance from earth is still 3.6 million miles, so we are safe. However, had this been on target to be a bit closer and headed for the third rock from the sun, I can only think of one man that would be called to the job to save the planet (Not Armageddon style).

The Founder and CEO of Space X would more than likely be called to the job, or volunteer. His expertise in creating rockets that successfully doc at the international space station and performing grasshopper experiments could, in my opinion, not qualify him more as a excellent candidate to help destroy a rock bound to collide with Earth.

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