What is Elon Musk Thinking: LA Traffic is hurting Tesla Milage Calculations

Elon Musk hates traffic. Who doesn't? For a guy who's time is worth so much, he can't waste his time in gridlock. As the CEO of Tesla Motors in Palo Alto and SpaceX in Hawthorne. This causes enough travel during the week between LA and SF. Even in Los Angeles, Elon travels plenty of miles on the 405! This is probably why he gave a 'small' $50,000 donation to Angelenos Against Gridlock. Assuming he is not driving his one gasoline powered vehicle, he would likely be in the carpool lane, and he is still complaining about gridlock.

While he complains of not being able to put his kids to bed, the real issue comes down to Electric vehicle range. For electric cars, mileage will vary, and in traffic millage will deplenish significantly in traffic. Even the LED headlights will drain a charged battery in a Model S!

Maybe the solution is not to continue widen the highways, but considering both long term and short term alternatives. And Finally, is money what we need to solve gridlock, maybe it's just a mindset, or Ridesharing mentality to solve this problem?

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