Muskapedia is trying to document everything about Elon Musk, and I mean Everything!

Elon Musk Fans have kicked off another new initiative dedicated just to him. Previously we have seen Youtube Channels featuring every Elon Musk video he has appeared in, Teslarati, Subreddits dedicated to Elon Musk, and of course facebook, twitter accounts and dozens of Quora questions dedicated to the man.

Just recently fans have started to organize a Wiki site just focused on Elon Musk. Muskapedia is dedicated to documenting everything about the man known as Iron Man, including all the subtle details about his life, passions and companies. They have also begun categorizing all the books he has read, predictions he makes about future events or releases, and his companies.

It’s interesting to see more information documented about the SpaceX and Tesla CEO to share the information in a documented and organized way. Be sure to check out their progress and contribute what you have learned about Elon over at Muskapedia!


  1. Please give us a mention. The Elon Musk Facebook Group Wikipedia won't use social media links as they are afraid of how popular facebook has become.

  2. Done! Updated the FB link in the article to the group! Thanks!